First BF

Never too early?

Crystal was 2 years old during the summer of 1992 and love was already in the air for her and the neighbor kid, I'm thinking his name was Aaron, Erin, or something like that, her first boyfriend (BF) and his brother and father both were named Brian, if I recall correctly. Maybe, they were just friends. I'm joking, but cute photo here, regardless.

1992-07 APX Crystals 1st BF.png

Social Butterfly

Crystal Ann Arnold (Kenni) has always been very social. She has been making friends with so many people around the world. She went on to live in New York City (NYC) and travel the world. She has been a lifeguard, chef, model, and a really good friend to so many people. She introduced me to The Salvation Army World.

Arnold Island?

Crystal is my younger sister, born 1990, March 4th, the 4th kid in our Arnold Family. The firstborn was Katie in 1980, followed by Ricky in 1982, & then Joey (me) in 1985. Our parents are Donald and Marilyn. We grew up in Oregon, were Homeschooled, attended church. We played Tag, Hide & Seek, wrestling, American Gladiators, Nintendo, video games, board games, Bonus Game, Eternal Tree, Land of the Universe, Power Rangers, basketball, other sports, obstacle course, pretend to be in a club game, Lava House, Eternal Elevator, made home videos since 1996, went to the beach, went hiking, and more.

Crystal & Katie: Halloween (October 31st, 2016)
2016-10-31 Halloween Crystal and Katie 14611067_10154681233499513_3082798296433103927_n.jpg

First BF

By Joey Arnold


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