I think generation Z is my hero.

I am so glad that humanity has a natural tendency to rebel against old generations. Its literally the only thing we have to genuinely shit all over political correctness. How long until gen Z begins getting involved with Crypto based social media where its going to allow anonymity on top of no nearly zero censorship. Most Menials are fucking cancer and it makes me happy to see something being done about them and their bad ideas and terrible arguments.

I actually think that being an ironic Nazi will be viewed as cool and edgy for gen Z. I wonder about this. I remember being a cool edgy devil worshiper was to rebel against christian evangelicals. Its not out of the question honestly. We may actually see people don swastikas ironically just to "troll libtards" in the coming years. The counter culture is likely just getting warmed up.

And its all your faults millennial. You reap what you sow. Just keep poking the hornets nest until Gen Z dabs on your ass. Its hilarious to see this play out too.

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