RE: Time To Make STEEM A Huge Success By Dropping The Focus On "Quality"


"Do you want massive STEEM success or do you want quality?"
Sorry. You cannot have both.

massively flawed view

i notice you mention the amount of views poor quality content has received on the biggest websites yet you forget to mention that before the shitposts were getting millions of views those websites had 100's of millions of monthly users.

those sites wouldn't exist if they started out as shitposting as is evident with the retention rate in steem which is low not due to pressure to create quality content but by the creation of shit content by holders to reward themselves, which once anyone who creates content of value sees are quick to power down and leave to the many publishing sites based on quality.

for a comparison on the value of quality content see the earnings on the top content publishing sites medium and pateron


Monthly payouts are nearly equal a years worth of payouts on steem with 100K monthly creators

paetron valuation at $405 millon and have received an additional $105 million in funding in june


Medium started with $132 million

Medium valued at $400 million in 2015

raised an additional funding in 2017 for $105 million

May 2017 medium had 60 million monthly readers

There are two examples from many showing that quality content is one of the largest online industries after porn of course which is also a form of content creation.

now if you extend content to magazine, news etc you would be looking at 100's of billions yearly

so yes quality content is highly valuable and constantly sought after by the masses

the problem in steems terms is that high sp holders can be the main earners if the highest valued content should be voted since for content to be rewarded votes need to be used and whales are too busy farming and selling steem for short term gains

on DAPPS being some gamechanger, DAPPS are not an innovation only a novelty and are not even decentralised applications as they all centralised sources of control and have been proven to have little mainstream interest.

the most successful DAPP on ethereum cryptokitties is a great example of this.

80k accounts on cryptokittes out of an estimated 2 million ethereum accounts equals a use rate of 4% at its height

DAPPS are a a novelty not an innovation and there is vastly more value to be created through content than applications that noone uses

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