10 Steem Minimum Prize Contest - To Support @fulltimegeek's Witness Quest!

10 Steem Minimum "Pick-The-Date" Contest

To Support @fulltimegeek's Witness Quest!

If you haven't heard yet, the most generous Steemian alive (@fulltimegeek)* has decided to run as a Steemit witness to fix those things that he deems need fixing. And if you're like me, you would want a guy like @fulltimegeek putting his boots on and kicking some butts here on Steemit.

*Footnote: based on @abh12345's analysis

This is a post to help raise awareness to the fact that @fulltimegeek is running as a witness in a week or two, and to hopefully collectively galvanize support to get him in the top 20 quickly (so he can make an impact). I know he has a very wide reach, but I think we can all help him too! So here's a small plan to help spread the word.


10 Steem Minimum Prize "Pick-The-Date" Contest

I will give 10 Steem MINIMUM to the person that can come the closest to guessing what date and time @fulltimegeek becomes a top 20 witness. Plus I will add any proceeds from this post payout too to the winning prize, so it will surely be more than 10 Steem. ;)


2 SImple Rules To Follow

#1 Enter the date and time of day of when @fulltimegeek will become a top 20 witness in the comment section to this post. (Please use either military time or AM/PM)
#2 Resteem. The "Entry Fee" for everyone is simply resteeming this post. (No Upvote Necessary, but Resteem is... because the purpose is to spread the word)

Everyone Is Eligible, Just Follow Those 2 Rules!


Spread The Word

And VOTE @fulltimegeek For Witness


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