Street Art in London

Yeah yeah, I know it's weird I'm uploading London content. I'm supposed to be posting things about Russia and my world cup adventures but I can't find the words nor the inspiration to do it.

It may have something to do with the bit of depressive state I'm in right now. I spent 40 days in Russia and I had to leave. I left for a while because my Visa expired and I was waiting for the government to make the official announcement that Fan ID holders can come and go as they please in Russia.

The announcement came and I can finally go back but I may have to wait a few more days to go back. In the meantime I miss Russia so much I can't bare to write about this beautiful country, so I decided to use my previous pictures.

To get to Russia I had to fly from Cancun to London and I took the chance to explore the city. I'm not gonna post the regular content 99% of tourists in London post about. No London eye, Westminster, Buckingham palace or stuff like that.

Instead, I decided to explore the indie/alternative side of London and I found some kick ass street art along my way.

This was very refreshing because believe it or not, o couldn't find much street art in any major Russian city - or perhaps I didn't explore the cities as I should have - and you know how much I love street art, so finding these graffiti and paintings on the walls had me smiling for the whole day.

Here you can see what I found:

As you can see, the art is amazing. I really wish some of the artists had signed their post with their Instagram username or something so we could follow them and try to repay their work with some advertisement revenue but oh well, I guess the sole images and having their art on the walls is enough for them.

I hope you enjoyed this little gallery and again, sorry for not posting Russian adventures :(

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