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And The Business Suicide Award of the Year Goes To....


Do i use onlyfans? - no - but i am weighing in on the stupidest business decision of the year.

So lets unpack this - you have a platform - that is 90% cam girls.

You are raking in money, due to the pandemic, because everyone is stuck at home.

And then because you want to attract MORE traditional capital investment, you decide to axe, ... 90% of your userbase, so that investors can think its a good investment?

What are they investing in?

Onlyfans is literally internet slang for a "girl with pics profile" - LITERALLY

Which is fine,

And while i understand the issue, is the payment processing because of KYC for larger investors who dont want to associate with adult content, however, there is no payment processing of everything when all your frigging content girls leave.

This is by far, the stupidest corporate decision, i have seen, in 2021.

And for what, to try and compete with Patreon? - Good Sir, that horse has already lapped you your that far behind the eight ball.

All that is going to happen, is your going to create a power vacuum, and literally, as we speak, some dude, is out there building a new platform for the chicks to use.

Chicks like to take pictures, guys like to look at pictures, people like to make money - its a pretty simple business - how did you manage to screw that up?

Enjoy your bankruptcy, im going to work

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