Forking great T-Shirts!

Another Hard Fork, another bunch of problems, but at least they were resolved fast, right?

While we had all been anticipating HF21, HF22 took many of us by surprise. Luckily, HF22 didn't bring any new problems (as far as we know), so HF23 should give everyone a little bit more time to prepare.

In the meanwhile, why not stock up on some Hard Fork T-shirts to be prepared the next time?

Because as we all know ...

Or maybe you might want to voice your frustration over yet another fork?

We got you covered!

When the next Hard Fork is done sucessfully, you might start missing the days of having 2 forks right after another.

Where's the adventure, the suspense?

We should be fine though, as long as the whales don't break everything again.

Who would've known that having a lot of STEEM POWER can break everything?

Or maybe you want to be the one to break the chain next time, which you can easily do by becoming a whale yourself.

Let us know if your favourite T-shirt is still missing!

And until then:

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