BUILDTEAM Token Hive Engine Staking Migration Successful!

This weekend we achieved successful migration of the BUILDTEAM token staking system to Hive Engine as announced in our previous post. This means you can now simply stake your BUILDTEAM tokens on Hive Engine to earn staking rewards from STEEM and HIVE semi-monthly distribution rewards, occurring on the 1st and 16th of each month.

The Bitshares processor is now permanently disabled and staking rewards will only be issued against Hive Engine staked balances of the BUILDTEAM token.

This means that staking features on Bitshares are no longer functional and the BUILDTEAM tokens previously held by the custodial escrow account will be nullified and whatever balances you had staked there will now be credited against your Hive Engine account.

This is a great step forward to eliminate staking custody, you are now in charge of your own staking keys and do not have to incur counterparty risk in staking.

The old staking spreadsheet will no longer be updated, but will remain available for historical purposes.

Please use the link to this new Hive Engine Staking Spreadsheet going forward. The spreadsheet shows an overview of how much each token holder is staking and what their percentage of the semi-monthly staking rewards will be.

Please note that data on Total Payouts Received will start fresh from zero on the new sheet.

As mentioned previously, executives are now freely allowed to purchase and stake tokens, whereas previously they were prohibited from doing so.

Happy Staking!!!


If you require any assistance please visit our DISCORD support server, happy staking!

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