Introducing BUIDL Token The New Native Token For Build-it! Airdropping To Old Token Holders (staked)


The moment we've all been waiting for is finally out!

The ideology behind Build-it remains solid and outstanding amongst other projects/tribes on the Hive Blockchain. With this in check, it's safe to say this project remains the hidden gem that will not only skyrocket itself but Hive Blockchain in general into new heights.

What makes Build-it a Hidden Gem to Hive Blockchain?

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  • Market Value

In 2020, Home centers' sales in the United States amounted to an estimated 300 billion U.S. dollars. This is an increase of about 15 percent compared to the previous year. The total sales of all three home improvement store types in the country combined reached over 450 billion U.S. dollars that year

Interestingly, DIY products and services range from arts, home maintenance, handmade crafts, painting, carpentry, and many more creative crafts and lifehacks. At Build-it, we want to bring DIY'er from all spheres of the world into one accord, using our newly created robust token BUIDL to reward, support and distribute to the millions of DIY'ers out there.

  • Poverty Reduction

Thanks to Hive Blockchain for their unique reward system which we will be implying to spread wealth and power to the masses that care. Using our Robust digital token to reward and support DIY'ers for their DIY project/tutorial, then it's very safe to say this project has what it takes to bring financial equity to the world we live in.

  • Onboarding the masses

Onboarding the masses will always remain a priority and goal for us at Build-it. Looking at the DIY space, there are millions of people doing amazing things with their bare hands which in turn will bring great value to this world. As we go all out fishing in DIY'ers into our platform leveraged on Hive, educate them on the Pros and Cons of crypto, why they should turn fiat into crypto (HIVE and BUIDL), then it's safe to say both Hive and Build-it can turn out to be a multi-billion project.

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Introducing 'BUIDL' the new official native token for Build-it Tribe

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Trading begins/opens on Saturday, 24th July 2021 @11:00 UTC

BUIDL will be the official token for projects/tutorials posted on our website and more. There are so many things we'll be doing with BUIDL token in an attempt to reward our valued holders.

Why are there so many Build's in total supply (10trillion)?

Basically, considering the huge market value behind this project, we felt there's a need to print that high amount. Inasmuch as we want to spread wealth across thousands and millions of DIY'ers across the globe, we do need a significant amount of tokens hence the huge supply. Interestingly, we will be burning a certain % overtime to keep price stability fair and also keep its value in check.

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SourceToken% of total
Project Reserve4,000,000,000,00040%

What happens to my old BUILD tokens since they will be worthless

Thanks to @eonwarped, we'll be executing a mirrored airdrop at a ratio of 1:1 snapshots of OLD BUILD tokens will be taken on Thursday, July 22nd @ 3:30 GMT. For the sake of avoiding dumpers of the new BUIDL tokens, users with staked BUILD (old tokens) will receive the new token airdropped in their Hive account as staked.

After a 2 hours conversation on the phone with @eonwarped, we concluded it will be best to airdrop the new tokens to holders of old token holders as staked. This is to prevent immense dumping which will indefinitely tank the price of the new tokens.

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How do I claim the new tokens?

Literally, if you have the old BUILD tokens staked, you will automatically receive the new tokens into your hive account at a snapshot ratio of 1:1. Understand, if you have LIQUID BUILD you will not receive any new tokens, all you have to do is staked your old build before the snapshot so as to receive the new BUIDL tokens respectively.

Also, if you have no old Build as well, you can purchase some off the market on HIVE ENGINE, or TRIBALDEX and stake them in an attempt to receive the new BUIDL tokens.

Still having a hard time understanding how this plays out? Please contact us on Discord for more clarification.
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