Build-it Weekly Contest!!! Share Your DIY Craft And Earn! Rewards: 30 Hives and 50k BUIDL Tokens And Upvotes!


Hello Hive community, we are back with our weekly DIY contest where DIY'er on Hive and outside the blockchain can participate and ultimately stand the chance to win some mouthwatering tokens and upvotes as rewards for the contest.

We want to connect DIY'ers together, by sharing and also learning a new skill from others. We believe this weekly contest will boost-strap and encourage others to start getting skillful and crafty with their hands, which in turn saves time and cost.

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Area of focus:

The following are considered as DIY (do it yourself) projects recommended for this contest:

  • Art
  • Crocheting
  • Home improvement
  • Woodworking
  • Plumbing
  • Shoemaking
  • Flooring improvements and literally skillful things you can do with your bare hands.

How To Participate:

  • Compose your DIY project/tutorial in a well-articulated format. Feel free to use our step-by-step DIY template.

  • Shouldn't be more than 1000 words in total.

  • Must have an account before participating (for non-hive users). Sign up for a quick account using HERE.

Rules And Regulations:

Please adhere and pay close attention to our rules to know if it fits your criteria.

  • Include picture/s in the post as you explain the procedure

  • Video must not be longer than 20 minutes. Recommended video-sharing platform: 3speak

  • Must follow @build-it

  • Must have at least 500,000 BUIDL tokens in their wallet. Tokens available on Hive Engine and TribalDex

  • Must be in English

  • Use #build-contest as your first tag

  • Share the link to your contest entry in the comment section below

  • Share your post on Twitter and tag us @ Buildit_DIY or use our Twitter promotion tag #buidl

  • Reblog the contest post to expand its reach to other users.


  • First place winner - 15 liquid HIVES and 30k Liquid BUIDL tokens and 100% upvote from build-it and other curation projects.

  • Second place winner - 10 liquid HIVES and 15k Liquid BUIDL tokens and 100% upvote from build-it and other curation projects.

  • Third place winner - 5 liquid HIVES and 5k Liquid BUIDL tokens and 100% upvote from build-it and other curation projects.

Good luck to all the participants!

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Build-it is a DIY (do it yourself) crafty social sharing platform that leverages Hive Network for scalability, decentralization and lighting speed. DIY'ers earn 'BUIDL' tokens when publishing their DIY and How-to tutorial/craft on our website or simply by using one of our tags: #build-it #buidl and #diy respectively. Keep up the creative spirit and keep adding value to the blockchain!

Invest in DIY. Invest in BUIDL.

Buy 'BUIDL' tokens on:

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Let's build together at Build-it!
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