BRO token to pay out HIVE now!!


Perfect time to jump in on BRO if you haven't already.!

Look at this announcement from Ray.. Switching from HE tookens to strictly HIVE as of the announcement.


Here is the post on the Hive DIVS We Are Now Bringing You Hive Dividends. It is a nice update, if you don't own at least 1,000 BRO are you really a man?


JOIN the MAN cave,, no but it's okay women can join and own BRO too.. Don't listen to me I am an old man.. for the love of GOD.


Utopis is here and its moving...

slow week for the gig economy, looking at other options to integrate, I am already multi apping, meaning I am using varies gig apps to profit.. It's over saturated and it's summer, Slow California Summer.. Hustling been out on the black top most of the week to gather or rather chase profits, might have to make a plan to search for varies Markets to get the most out of the gig work.

From my discord..

I like this thought from the MANCAVE..

BRO Update

Currently, I am making between $40-$50 per day. You will get this every other day. But that's not all. Any other exciting project I get myself into I will create a BRO wallet too. I already have two others that I've not made public yet because they are not ready yet.

source Great news for a BRO holder.

Well an extra amount of cheese sat

Owning Bro, also gives you a chance of some nice juicy votes.. 20+ BRO = 1% vote. All the way up to 2000 BRO which = 100%. Think of it as x your BRO by 20 and that is the amount you will get voted by.


Is the BRO goal,, if you have 1000 you are a DRAGON among men.

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