What are the BRESNAN.NET E-mail Server Settings – IMAP and SMPT?

Hola! If you are using Bresnan Email account, you need a thorough information about the Bresnan email account, Bresnan email login, etc. You need to be aware with the Bresnan Email sign in and the E-mail server settings on any device such as Android Phone or an iPhone. To help you with this, we are providing the details and the information below.

Settings for BRESNAN.NET – IMAP (Incoming mail service)
• Incoming Port and Outgoing Port – 143 and 465
• No Insecure Security Type ( All certificates are accepted)
• Insecure Port – 143
• Secure Security type is SSL/TLS (All certificates are accepted)
• Secure Port – 993
• An encrypted connection (SSL) is required for this server.
• Both outgoing and incoming options are there

Settings for BRESNAN.NET – SMPT (Outgoing mail service)
• Outgoing Port – 25 (All certificates are accepted)
• Secure outgoing Port – 465 (SSL/TLS) (All certificates are accepted)
• Secure Roaming Outgoing Port – 587 (All certificates are accepted)
• Insecure Roaming Outgoing Port – 587 (All certificates are accepted.

How to Find Information of Email Severs IMAP and SMTP?

  1. Select File in Outlook.
  2. Go to Account settings.
  3. Select your account to connect to HubSpot from the Email tab.
  4. You will find your IMAP and SMTP names in the “Server Information”

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