Looking Backwards by Edward Bellamy

If you are not aware of this book, dear reader, it is because it has been intentionally omitted from your syllabus.

For us slower readers, that means that you will not find this book in your elementary level library, nor will you find it in any teacher's manuals.

I didn't find this book until I was given an exclusive tour of a number of small libraries.
I found it in the last one.
I found a couple more, but they bear no relevance here.

Looking Backwards by Ed Bellamy published 1887


In this book we learn of a time traveler that wakes up in the year 2000.

It is mighty convenient that we can look back on that date and see how correct Mr. Belllamy was in his predictions.

His plan has been hijacked by those that would profit from its demise.

Had he been successful, we would live in abundance today.

Instead, we are still having half the population scream for more slavery.

Take the time to read this book, dear reader, it is not very long, and you will come out the other side of it with a better model for your utopia.


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