Three Seasons Appear to Pass With my Bonsai Maple Tree

Greetings! You may remember my new maple tree back from when it was 'still' summer.


The leaves were nice and green. Even the trunk was green! But then we hit a dry spell.


The leaves began to fall.
I thought the tree might have been done for, but still sensed some residual life in it so naturally I kept on watering it.


Now there is much new growth forming! It's as is it were spring! I'm excited because all this new growth means the trunk will swell even more. I pruned one overly long root that was also focusing a lot of the tree's energy to one side. Hopefully now it will grow more balanced. I may or may not have pruned during the wrong 'season'.


I also top dressed the soil with some compost and biochar since some feeder roots were beginning to get exposed from watering.


My newest citrus bonsai is showing some good signs as well. It has a new branch. I didn't even have to pinch the growing tip.


For some reason, all of my miniature citrus trees self prune.


It has a nice lateral root system forming, with still plenty of space, especially in the empty soil at the top of the picture. That coincides with the direction that the tree is growing in. As with the maple, it will be good if the tree develops roots here to promote even growth.

These are my indoor bonsai trees. The two that I have outdoors look pretty much the same as in the last update. Hmm. Perhaps I should fertilize...

On that note I shall leave you. It will be quite some time before you will see these little trees again.

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