Social Media Tips.

Three Simple Social Media Hacks.

When it comes to posting to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin etc. It can be long-winded if you try and do everything manually, eating into your time, which stops you getting on with other work. Here are three simple social media hacks to help.

Social Media Hack One

Use professional software for posting to social media, you can post to multiple social media platforms at a click of a button saving a tonne of time.

Social Media Hack Two

Use sites such as Pixabay to source licence free for commercial use photographs, these can be used with your posts, and you should keep them in a folder for future use.

Social Media Hack Three

Use a photo editing software suite to customise your photographs and to add your logo, you can use online services such as Canva to do this.

Thanks for reading and more tips to follow.

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