Came Upon A Stickered Phone Booth With Plants

This phone was found around the breakfast place I like to go to in the next town! We were waiting for a seat for some breakfast. That is when I noticed the phone booth! I thought it was really cool it had plants inside of it with stickers all around. So I took a video clip and some photos of it!

I love old phone booths! Brings back nostalgic memories! It was just this last year when I saw the new Bill and Ted movie! I like to keep that synchronicity streak going! Yes I am also aiming to write the song which will unite the world!! Seeing this booth makes me want to make some music stickers of my own! If I do I will add to this collection

There is even a special elephant in there! I remember making a post about an elephant collection a couple months back. I really like the plants in this booth too. It helped pass the time while waiting for a seat for the breakfast. I will probably make a post about that breakfast at some point too

I like the Astro Boy sticker! Here is the clip I made of the booth!!

I timed the video well for a pretty good loop. The music in the clip is by Synthesis Underground my special music project!

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