Some random thoughts on the politicalization of medicine, and the zombie apocalypse!

Sometimes my mind wanders away into the scrub, and I just let her run. I have found that interesting ideas show up when it comes home.

I was thinking about the zombie apocalypse, and realized that the biological source for a problem like this is already here. They now plan on monthly injections of a poorly tested for a single injection, with almost no testing for multiple shots!

Soon, we will all share in the socialist's feast:
Picture this every time they offer to 'help' you, and you will understand them perfectly!

ā˜ ļøā˜ ļøšŸ§ŸšŸ§ŸšŸ§ŸšŸ§ŸšŸ§ŸšŸ§Ÿā˜ ļøā˜ ļø

Then I see where inoculated people are the source of new strains of this virus. Some news sources are using the term super spreaders. This is the best reason to move to the country and set up a homestead, contact will become risky!

One kid I know, who makes his bills by supplementing his regular job, with selling plasma; told me they are rejecting donors who have taken the vaccine. Apparently their plasma is dangerous!

I'm not saying they will be out eating brains soon, but in a total collapse; super spreaders would be a real Hazzard! Politicians would be safe, because they have shown us that they don't have any brains anyway! As a side note, as people starve; they might look at food sources outside of what most people would consider sane....

If not a full zombie apocalypse, we are certainly moving into a very dark time; filled with uncertainty, and desperate people...dangerous to others due to biological weapons in their veins!

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