Better late than never - The official list of all posts of the "Useless Information"'s second season!


Those who started following me in the last months may not know what I'm talking about.
Useless Information is the name of a series of posts I made in my early days in Steemit.

My goal was to make one post a day for 50 straight days about random and mostly useless topics. Interesting for some (or many) but usually useless. It was a great experience and people enjoyed it very much.

Here is the Final Report. Check it. I'm serious. Check it. There are the links for all 50 posts.

But then...
after a few time I decided to go for 25 more days and the second season was born!

Here is the official list of the 25 posts of more Useless Information

#51 - TIL why doctors wear green
#52 – What happens to an astronaut if he takes his helmet off in space?
#53 – TIL why eolic turbines have three blades
#54 – Pairs of countries people confuse
#55 – We share a lot of genes with bananas
#56 - They plant 111 trees everytime a baby girls is born
#57 - ... about flags
#58 – Where are the sexiest women in the world?
#59 - I tried to give away Bitcoin but few accepted…
#60 – Frogs can see colours in the dark
#61 – TIL about the youngest popes
#62 - Watch out for Nutmeg
#63 – TIL Tigers have striped skin
#64 - Find out if your cat is peeing around out of the litter box
#65 – This is why dogs tilt their heads when we speak to them
#66 – David Lynch’s weather reports
#67 – How many ridges are on a quarter?
#68 – What color is the universe?
#69 – It all happens very fast these days
#70 - Popeye and the spinach
#71 - The first microwave oven...
#72 - Mozart was not "Amadeus"
#73 - The Coriolis effect in your toilet is a myth
#74 - How many McDonalds are there in the world?
#75 - Useless information #75 is about Useless information

thanks for reading!

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