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When I started this new job, it was never my intention to neglect my online life, yet that is exactly what happened.

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It has been way too long since I shared any kind of update and it might be way too long until the next one.

I'm now close to three months on the job. Working three days a week is great. I get my challenges at work, but I get a lot of free time to recharge aswell. I have nice co-workers and I'm starting to loosen up a little, talking and joking now and then. This takes a very long time for me, but that's okay.

My co-workers seem to be happy to have me around. They seem to trust my skills, one of them has told me exactly that multiple times, which is great to hear. I'm getting the hang of the application I'm supposed to be managing and I'm starting to look at other things to learn aswell. I'm glad I'm not being rushed into learning everything too quickly, because it gives me time to get a good grip on the things I've learned so far.

Even though I only work three days a week, I find that once I'm at home, I don't have the energy for more 'work'. Sadly, blogging so much for close to two years means it has become like work for me. I spent a lot of time on my online presence and sometimes had to force myself to write, even when I felt uninspired. Now that I have an actual job that pays me good money, I have to put that one first, obviously. This means I've allowed myself a break from blogging.

I don't know how often I'll feel like blogging. So far, it hasn't been often. I have a couple of recipes I still need to work out so I can share them with everyone, but they will have to wait for a while.

During my full-time blogging career, I spend less and less time on gaming. How frustrating, when that's one of the topics to blog about! Ever since starting the job though, a switch has been flipped and I now find myself in need of some rest and relaxation through gaming.

We got back into Guild Wars 2 for a little while, but mostly I've been playing Atlas. Atlas, the pirate game that went horribly wrong at launch. There's still plenty of improvements to be made and there are plenty of frustrating things in the game, however, I cannot seem to stop playing it. I'm playing it solo and not every day, which basically means the things I can do are very limited. You can't claim your own piece of land, because people will be able to steal it as soon as you're logged off for a while. That means over half of the map is unavailable for you to build your home. Another part of the map is unavailable, because it is a beginners area where you can't level up beyond a certain level. That leaves a small part of the map: lawless territory. You can build anywhere here, with just a short amount of space you have to leave inbetween your stuff and that of another player. People have been building crazy big structures in these areas, basically claiming their own piece of the island. There's enough spaces around that though.

I found myself a nice little alley in a pre-made, seaside town and build my home there. I've fenced my home in, so no baddies can get in and my animals can't get out. It's a nice little place of my own. It's close to anything I need and I've been exploring the island I live on little by little. I've also build a beach house for when I'm ready to head back out onto the open seas. I'm not too eager yet though, because it always ends badly: with my character dying and my boat ruined.

Hubby will come and play with me at some point, but he needs a new pc first. Did I mention the huge upside of my new job? We have money to spend on non-essentials! I've refilled my savingsaccount to the minimum level I'm comfortable with, I bought a new washing machine and next month, we'll probably get hubby a new pc.

We also want to go on vacation and we can! Gosh it's good to get a steady paycheck again. I've had lots of fun blogging and gathering scraps here and there, but as long as you're not one of the chosen few, it's much better to spend your energy on a job. I'm now able to save up some more, pay off our mortgage at a faster rate, do some home upgrades I very much want... and honestly, I enjoy putting my brain to work again.

Oh, I also started reading again. I have these periods where I hardly read at all, but now a new period of reading has started. Finished a new book of my favorite writer Michael J. Sullivan. Now I started on one of the Shannara trilogies. Boy are there a lot of Shannara trilogies! I had no idea where to start, but I eventually decided to start one that's pretty early on in the timeline. Not the earliest, but close. So far, it's a pretty enjoyable read, but I can't say too much yet, because I'm only on 100ish pages now.

Oh, and a little piece of happy news: I sold a couple of things through my Redbubble shop these last few months! Something like three shirts, two pillows and a phone case! And apparently I also sold two pillows through my Vida shop, because they gave me money through Paypal a couple of weeks ago. I always get a big smile on my face when I make a sale through Redbubble. I know it's only a few euros per sale, but it's a great feeling knowing someone picked my design over aaaallll of the other ones.

Anyway, today I had some leftover energy and did some chores. Figured while I had this burst of energy, I should update you all on life! Like I said, I'm not sure when the next update will be. Could be next week, could be next month. I hope you'll understand and ofcourse, I hope you're all doing well!

P.S.: What the heck's up with Weku?

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