Here we go again

Hi! Remember me? I'm sure you don't. Although, some might... I recognize a couple of names still!


Here we go again. This applies to two subjects for me right now. Blogging and burn-out-ing! Yeah, I don't think I should be proud of that last one.
I've been working my ass off these last few years while putting myself last. This is not a smart thing to do, I agree. I should learn some day, right? I hope third time's the charm.

So, due to the aformentioned crap, I have not had much energy to do anything besides my job, hench me not blogging after I started the job. I have also not done much baking or had much fun cooking, so the 'foodie' part in my name is kind of ehm... taking a break. Still a gamer though, so atleast the other part still stands! phew...

So what have I been up to in these past few years... Well, I moved again! Oh yes, I had an awesome home at the edge of a vacation park, smack in the middle of a forest. It was beautiful! Small, but we didn't need much space. It was great! Except for the neighbours. See, where I normally go to bed in the evening and sleep until morning... my neighbours went to bed after dinner, got up at 10 in the evening and proceeded to make plenty of noise for about 4 hours until going to bed again. Apparently it's a Polish thing? But why?
Aside from that, they also smoked outside, close to my open door/window. In shifts, so there was maximum smoke time to enjoy. Not much fresh air time though.

It meant I couldn't enjoy my garden and also couldn't get enough sleep. It stressed me out, so I searched for a new home. A home with no direct neighbours. I found one! And amidst the crazy, CRAZY house market here in our fine Netherlands, I decided to bid below asking price. Well, that's not acceptable during these crazy times, but after being on top of the negotiations, we managed to overbid by only a little and we got the house! So now, my neighbours and us are separated by a garden, instead of just a wall. Perfect!

Sure, this house is old, but such a step up from the horrible neighbours. Besides, it has everything a house needs. We sold the old home for much more than we originally bought it for two years ago (did I mention the crazy, CRAZY house market?), so we did some isolating and got some solar panels aswell.

Now, I have a big garden to work on. Part is a lawn... I can hopefully share the work on that with hubby. Much is just garden though, with plants, bushes and weeds. I've got some fruit trees and bushes and also have a strawberry patch. I've got a part for veggies and I'm hoping I'm able to grow some successfully! The spinach and arugula are doing well so far. I'm growing tomato plants, bell peppers and pumpkins in my windowsill. So many tomatoes... I have about 17 plants now... Some must survive, right? Oh and the raspberries! The previous owner had many of those, so I'll enjoy my breakfast with plenty of fresh raspberries this summer!

Anyways, I'm looking forward to warmer times so I can just mess around in the garden. It seems to help me relax and get over this whole burn-out thing.

I'm starting work again, two hours a week, and working my way up from there. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully, I'll retain some energy for blogging. I have missed it a little lately.

Oh, and the whole designing thing I was doing? I still design once in a while, so I'll probably share some new creations at some point. For now though, small steps! How about a blog per week? Oh no, no deadlines... How about... a new blog whenever I feel like it and we'll just hope it's more than once a year? I think that's a good place to start.

Here we go again!

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