Project Hope Reviews 05/11/2021

Project Hope Hive Top 3 Posts Reviews
by "Happy"


As an active member of the core team, Happy is always attentive and reviews the publications that subscribers and members post in Project Hope Hive. In its daily review, we can find the 3 most interesting articles about Blockchain, Crypto, AI, Technology and Philosophy, product of the effort and creativity of our friends.

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"In the same way, the statement of financial position shows the assets (goods and rights owned by the company, liabilities (debts and obligations of the organization and the equity (which is the conformation of the company's patrimony). Therefore, they show the evolution of the company during a given accounting period and all the executive decisions taken by its managers".

It is also worth noting that the environment in which cryptocurrency businesses operate is as dynamic as the economy of a country. Therefore, for an entrepreneur it is of utmost importance and vital to make decisions quickly at the speed with which the economy grows in order not to be left behind. For this reason, financial information must be reliable and of high quality in order to meet its stated objective.

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Taking a break off the trading market by @mccoy02

"Every long-term/short-term trader needs to note that their years of trading or experience in trading do not always guarantee success in trade. I guess the saying the world isn't a bed of roses stands true there are times when you need to pause take a deep breath make a balance sheet of your profit and loss.".

While trading can be time-consuming taking off some time to either do some self-examination or making a balance of your earning and loss is very important for a trader.
Although this post is just base on my idea, while others trade for fun some do it for living I would love to know what you think about trading and having some time off to relax from market uncertain movements.

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Taming The Metamask Wily Fox browser Extension by @thetimetravelerz

"The Metamask browser extension is finding more and more uses
The Metamask wallet in its browser extension avatar is finding a lot of uses due to its ability to connect a user funds to a De-Fi App or a website and help in deploying funds for staking, farming, harvesting signing messages and doing a range of activities related to the DeFi transactions".

When present as a browser extension the Metamask extension can be Pinned and Unpinned from the browser. Unpinning the extension is not the same as uninstalling . It simply means that it would not be called to action and would not popup when a wallet connect button is pressed in the Defi site or App.

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Every day Happy´s work is more difficult since the number of subscribers is increasing.
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