Meme Challenge: What is America?

Here is the Meme Challenge of the Day. Can you make a meme about what makes America what it is? What makes America different than other countries? You can use this hash tag: memechallenge

Tell us what you like about the United States of northern America (USA).

What are you most proud about the USA?

Look at old western movies and shows, especially from the 1950's and from movie star actor John Wayne who is the man in the photo below. I love the native American Indians as well. The Indians come from Asia.

The Indians came over via walking over the land from Russia and over Alaska, down Canada, went towards what is now the USA, and some went towards South America too. For centuries, or longer, white, yellow, brown, red, and black people would come to America at times even before the 1600's A.D. and the United States is a place that people die and died for. Crime was low or not even there in the wild wild west. There was like one sheriff or police in those towns in places like Texas. They came to the USA to be more self-governed. That is America. We love smaller governments or maybe even no federal government at all. Originally, people came to the USA for freedoms, independence, to be free, to stand for the golden rule, the ten commandments, and to build upon centuries of philosophies. Long ago, they did not come to the USA for free stuff but to be hard workers, to be pioneers, patriots, and everything.

John Wayne Great Westerner American.jpg

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