Tips and Tricks Using Hayabusa In Mobile Legends

imageHayabusa is one of the most powerful assain heroes in Mobile Legends.
However, Hayabusa is quite difficult to use. Moreover, Hayabusa is very dependent on the skills it has.
In battle, Hayabusa is excellent in a 1-on-1 duel.
His ulti skill that is Ougi: Shadow, will make Hayabusa attack the opponent but can not be attacked by other heroes.
Well, for you who want to use Hayabusa in Mobile Legends, it's good you apply 5 tips and tricks Hayabusa Mobile Legends below:
Understand the advantages and disadvantages of Hayabusa
There is no perfect hero in Mobile Legends. Including Hayabusa.
Hayabusa has its advantages and disadvantages as well. For those of you who want to start using Hayabusa as a gacoan, first you must understand is the advantages and disadvantages first.
That way, you can know the power and understand the limits of Hayabusa's hero in Mobile Legends.
Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Hayabusa. image
Have a good charge skill
It has excellent crowd control
Can fight on the lane without escorting hero support
Excellent in one-on-one duel
Mobility is low
Depending on skill and stack
Low attack speed
Low Durability
Use the right Battle Spell
Here are 2 battle spells I highly recommend if you use Hayabusa in Mobile Legends:
Why Flicker? Instead of Hayabusa already have Quad Shadow skills.
Flicker is very useful when you are going to chase the enemy or run away.
Quad Shadow is less reliable when you want to escape. Because basically, Quad Shadow is more offensive.
If using Purify, also a good option. Very useful when you get a bad buff from another hero.
Tips on using Hayabusa in battle
At the beginning of the game, Phantom Shuriken will be very useful for you. You can finish off the opponent's minion faster than any other melee hero.
With Phantom Shuriken anyway, you will never get knocked out when facing the Mage or hero long distance opponent.
With these advantages, you can freely roam the lane against your opponent without having to rely on hero support. image
After the ultimate skills of Ougi: Shadow Kill is open, this skill will be a very deadly skill. And of course it will be a frightening specter for the opponent.
With this ulti skill, you can attack the opponent's hero as well as make you can not be attacked by another hero.
Do not forget also Quad Shadow skill. This skill will be very troublesome to your opponents.
You will be a very annoying opponent when using this skill. Hard to catch.
Quad Shadow will spread 4 shadows into 4 different directions. Hayabusa can teleport to these 4 shadows.
It is suitable to use escape or capture hero opponent.
Not only that, the opponent's hero who touches the shadow will receive damage and be affected by the slowdown effect.
Cool, huh?
But wait a minute. Quad Shadow is not that easy to use. You have to really master it.
Based on my experience, Quad Shadow is quite difficult to use, especially when for a new try using Hayabusa in Mobile Legends.
Well, that's her tips and tricks using Hayabusa Mobile Legends.

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