deficiencies and advantages of hero saber in mobile legend

imagehy friend steemit this time I will discuss about the advantages of san hero saber deficiency yok refer below
Hero Saber Mobile Legends
Hero Saber is a masked man who wrapped in a costume like a robot and always carry a sharp sword in his hand. Saber itself acts as a killer character, so usually the character attacks the opponent early.
excess-hero-saber-mobile-legends image
Interestingly, Saber's heroic swords can tear anything in space and time without any baseball. So, you as a user of the hero should pay attention to the weaknesses and advantages of hero Saber Mobile Legends.
Excess Hero Saber Mobile Legends
Has a Big Attack Effect
Easy Control image
Will Win When The Duel From The Near Distance
Great Effects Effect
Painful Damage
Lack of Hero Saber Mobile lagends.
Small Resistance
High degree of kesulitas
Can not Attack From Distance
Defeat If Duel From Distance
That is the weakness and excesses of Saber Mobile Legends hero,

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