Second power training and getting back to writing my book

Hi, guys!

Today is the day of my second power training. To tell the truth I feel a bit nervous, cause I had the first one the day before yesterday, and it was less or more light, but I understood that I completely lost my shape and today I still have some muscle fever. I hope it will be lighter after our long walk we're going for right now.

Plus we need to buy food for my dog, so it will be a walk with weight lol:)

Today I will do some power training, and back stretching afterwards. It's funny that when I come to the doctor and tell him, that I have pains in my back he often says that that's because it's too flexible, and at the same time doesn't have enough muscles to stand properly. Well, I see no point to fix the first part, with flexibility, but definitely have to work with the second one.

Also yesterday I was working with my book again. At the moment I'm writing it in a tricky way. As I said before my book is based on a DnD campaign we're playing at the moment, and played for two years. At first I wrote everything down after the games ended, but now I use another way. I simply put on record when we play, and afterwards I use it to write everything down as close to the events as possible. Earlier one game took about 20 pages, now, with game log, it turned to about 50 pages of one game. And it's much more comfortable to work that way, I don't have to waste time trying to remember who said what and where went.

Today I thought about translating it to English for the first time ever. Of course it will be too hard to do it myself, and may be to post it here I just have to use Google translation, and than fix bugs that will definitely be there. My point here is not to prepare it for actual publishing or something like that, it"s just important for me to share my work and I'd gladly do it. But still I have some doubts. At the moment there're 700 pages of pure text, and since I'm writing alone, and have no beta - I still need to go through the text over and over again and fix bugs there.

Plus I'm using Google Disc to write it, and I wish I could tell you, how much it fixes the text in the sports where I didn't plan to do it. For example it suggested me to change wanderer for guardian. You see, in Russian these words have a close sound: it's "strannyk" for wanderer and "stryaznik" for guardian. But I meant what I meant, dear Google spell check, please don't fix the correct words where you think it's appropriate, or I just get a "tender guardian in light blue dress, who was collecting flowers". Seriously?:)

My dog says, that it's time for us to go out. Still have nine days till my classes start, nine days till I will start sharing drawings again.



See you in the next post!
Love, Inber

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