Shaking the Rust Out!

Prior to this past year I think the longest I went without posting could be counted in days. After over a year I'm finding it difficult to shake off the rust, but I know the only way to do it is to Do it, so here goes.

@ryivhnn asked how I've been in this long gap. Since the last time I posted prior to yesterday was at the very beginning of Covid, I imagine I'm not so different than most when I say it's been a roller coaster ride...though not in the Wheeee, having so much fun sense, more the poorly maintained, rattly tracks that has you thinking "Get me off this thing!" Ha.

I'm sure there are many people posting about the craziness of the last year, I don't suppose it's necessary for me to get into it other than to say I'm over all the propaganda, division, confusion and fear. I was not shocked by the corrupt government and media, I was, however, a little taken aback by how easily people around me were manipulated. Okay more than a little- a lot, astonished by it in fact. I definitely wonder if this is far more about a psychological experiment than any other conspiracy thought out there- or perhaps that's just a perk for those running the show, who knows.

What I've recently been asking myself- "What does it have to do with me?" Or less politely "What the fuck does it have to do with me?" And this question isn't just about the big C or the big V or the facial security blankets- it's about everything. If I can't answer that with something personal as well as the follow up of something productive I can personally do about it, than I can no longer let it take up any of my headspace- for the most part anyway.

Basically, I'm opting out of the screenplay that I had no part in writing. Endeavoring to remember why this life is good; what would make me want to be here. This has never been much of a struggle for me in the past, so that alone is new. But maybe not necessarily bad. In a way I took so much for granted and this allows me to truly appreciate those things that make life grand.

Topping the list (next to my awesome family) is the beauty of nature. I was fortunate enough to lease 20 acres in the finger lakes national forest for the second year in a row, and also acquire a camper to more fully enjoy it.




And I also happen to live in a truly beautiful area, surrounded by lakes and waterfalls, so there's definitely that!





Oh, and I should probably mention, that while much of the world was languishing in their abodes, we still did a whole lot of traveling. To South Dakota and Sturgis, to the Carolinas on a few different occasions, and Tennessee. But I'll share some of that with you on another post. This should do for today ;0)

Glad to be back with all of you awesome peeps!!

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