Digital detox: A much-needed break📵🧘‍♀️😌


We are so much caught up in checking our every notification, scrolling Instagram, doomscrolling full day, unaware of what going in our surroundings.
Social Media is just yearning for our attention, making us sick. We are in the constant habit of using our phone mindlessly, for an increase in dopamine level. Thus, its motto is accomplished.
Social media is full of dark patterns. Excessively distracting? Here, try to toggle the alerts off. You just need a break? Instead, try logging out. The pattern is dark. When Facebook redirects you to “log out” when you try to deactivate or delete your account. That’s a dark pattern too.
"The social dilemma" documentary is a real eye-opener in this context, it tells you how social media is craving for your attention and can go literally to any level for this. A must watch for everyone I would say.
There's a huge need for a digital detox.
Digital detox refers to a period when a person voluntarily refrains from using digital devices such as smartphones, computers, and social media platforms.Digital detox - Wikipedia
Let me tell you about my experience, I used to scroll Instagram, Facebook mindlessly many hours a day when the lockdown was just started. Day by day I was getting more angry, lethargic, irritated, sad with no reason. At one point of that, I decided no man! I need to take up the action, it's just ruining my awareness. That night, I just uninstalled Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and deactivated my account from them. I decided I'm not going to use any of these at least for 1 week. It was very hard at 1st, I used to have the urge to again activate my account. But somehow I controlled myself. After I week, I thought, why not do it for some more time, by this time all that urges were gone, there's no FOMO. Now it's almost for 6 months, I have used Instagram, Facebook and all. And yes! It was one of the best decision of my life.
Though, it was not you can say proper digital detox. Not fully away from digital devices, but yes at least it helped me to be more conscious of my surrounding. I started devoting more time to mindful practices like yoga, journaling and meditation instead of scrolling mindlessly. Now I'm more aware of my phone usage.
P:s Still struggling with my screen time, but I know I will surely be able to reduce it with time

Have you ever tried digital detox or planning to try? Let me know. Would love to hear from you.
Lots of love
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