Dangerous icy storms in US, Texas and Mexico have made things serious

Icy storm.JPG

Dangerous icy storms in Texas and Mexico have made the situation serious. 21 people have been killed so far amid persistent snowfall. More than 44 million people are shutting down homes without electricity in Texas alone. Power and water supplies in more than 100 counties in Texas have been badly affected. People have been asked to boil water and drink. More than 200 roads have been blocked. Vaccine centres have also been closed in these areas. National Guards have been deployed to save the lives of the elderly. Air services in Texas and Houston have been closed.

More than a million people in the US have been stranded in the snow. In Texas, frequent icy storms have badly impacted power generation. The state power grid is constantly deteriorating. Gas and oil pipelines have been frozen here. More than eight thousand vaccine doses were spoiled due to no power supply.

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