BlockTrades users must now create an account to trade with us

In response to upcoming regulatory changes around the world, BlockTrades is now requiring users to create an account before they are allowed to trade with us. This means that you won’t see the “Get Deposit Address” button until you login to your account. One benefit of this change is that you will be guaranteed that all your transactions will be linked to your account, so you can’t lose a record of any of your transactions.

New account trading limits

New accounts will initially have a daily trading limit of $1750 USD, but you can increase this limit by submitting identification information via the Authorization section on your profile page. After being authorized, you will initially have a daily limit of $20,000 USD (which can be increased per an approved support request for a larger amount). An authorization request will generally be approved or rejected within 48 hours of the request.

What will happen to legacy deposit addresses from unregistered users?

For the next three months, we will still process transactions to existing deposit addresses, to avoid issues for anyone who has setup a periodic automatic transfer to such an address. Note, however, that transactions on such addresses will be limited to a $200 daily limit. If a larger amount is sent, the user will need to create an account and contact us to link the deposit address to their account in order for the transaction to be processed.

What if I’m a partner/affiliate of BlockTrades that directly uses the BlockTrades API?

For the next three months, we will still process transactions generated via our API without requiring a user login, but the amounts sent to such deposit address will be limited to $200 daily. After that period, your site will need to integrate support for our upcoming API function that allows a user to login to his BlockTrades account via OAUTH2.

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