🍉 [MELN] Weekly EXODE Giveaway #2

Hello, Pilots!

I'm happy to say that the first Weekly Giveaway was a huge success! We had 64 upvotes, 43 comments, 20 reblogs! Not to mention at least 4 new people I noticed in the EXODE Discord Server!

Here were our 18 entrants for Giveaway #1:
@luckyshot12 @nyxlabs @ciderjunkie @dajokawild @stickupboys @amaillo @atifaman @julx @taintedblood @apprentice001 @cooperclub @creodas @fireguardian @olebulls @akumagai @robezzno @valdiva

Screenshot 2021-09-13 003953.png

And our winner; @cryptoph0823! Congratulations! You have been sent your prizes! The winner was determined by random on https://wheelofnames.com/

Screenshot 2021-09-13 004439.png

Enough about last week though, I'm sure you're all wondering what cards are up for grabs right now! This week, we have an extra special prize that was inspired by @akumagai's comment on the previous Giveaway:

1x Alpha Booster Pack

These packs sold out on Tuesday, September 7th and are currently only obtainable on the secondary market. Currently worth a minimum of $4.50 each and almost guaranteed to go up in value in the future, getting your hands on one of these would be a great long-term investment! Or, if you can't resist the temptation, to open and add a few more cards to your collection! There's an achievement for having a full Alpha set, you know.

Entering is easy! All you have to do is:

  1. Upvote this post
  2. Reblog this post
  3. Comment what gameplay aspect of EXODE you are the most excited about

The winner will be chosen by random on Monday, September 20th.

EXODE is a real-time strategy space colonization game here on the Hive Blockchain. If you still have not bought your starter pack and signed up, use this Referral Code(c956af8) and you'll also receive 2 free Alpha Booster Packs with 5 NFT cards each and a free Epic Character when 10+ people have signed up. For more information and links, check out the developer's page, @elindos.

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