A Beginner's Thoughts On dCrops


A couple of days ago, I learned about a new-ish HIVE Engine game called dCrops where you run a farm. I personally love farming games, Stardew Valley is one of my all-time favorites and I have been very much enjoying my time with dCrops so far. I happened to get in the day before the Summer season started, and trade some of my EXODE cards for Land and Seeds within the game.

Screenshot 2021-09-13 000654.png

As you can see from the above screenshot, my farm is rather small, but I'm hoping that I will be able to buy more Seeds with the CROP (dCrops' HIVE Engine Token) I earn from selling my Shares.

One of my favorite things about dCrops is that there are two main ways to earn from it:

  1. Selling your crops for Shares in the Reward Pool (paid in CROP).
  2. Gaining 20K+ CROP Power to gain Holding Rewards (daily HIVE drops in your wallet).

As it stands right now, you only need to buy and hold 10 Alpha Packs in order to qualify for Holding Rewards, as every Alpha Pack is worth 2K CROP Power. If you want to only go for Holding Rewards without actually playing the game, it is completely viable to just buy and hold Alpha Packs while collecting your percentage of the daily HIVE drops.

The season changes every 15 days and the kind of Seeds you can plant depend on the season. My best Seed at the moment is a Tomato which grows continuously for all of Summer. I have planted all of them on my single piece of Epic Land.

I probably have around $40ish invested in dCrops, and I will make another post at the end of Summer to update everyone on my progress and whether or not I still consider it a good idea to invest.

If you are interested in trying out dCrops yourself, use my Referral Link when you sign up, it's free!

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