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The first time I came across a manual survey form, I was skeptical about putting my real details such as name, phone number and home address. I asked if I had to be truthful about my details and the guy’s response just made me put in wrong details. The truth is simple, wrong details can actually affect negatively the aim of the survey. There are thousands of online surveys we go through and the fear of privacy still comes to play. We have read about people’s data leaking due to hacks on these online survey websites.

The good thing about technology is finding solutions for problems or loopholes within the traditional system. Data breach is a big problem as your details can be in the wrong hands, this happened to Cashcrate and Typeform. Since then, people have stopped taking online surveys seriously. What if I tell you there is a solution? Yes, welcome to the world of Blocksurvey.


Blocksurvey is a product of the hackathon organized by Blockstack taking into consideration anonymity and privacy with surveys. With the thought that privacy and safety can’t be toyed with online, Blocksurvey came out with an underlining technology of Blockstack Blockchain. Blockchain has become a household name for internet users these days and most of us know the characteristics/features with the major being security. Projects built on this technology tend to work hard to make sure this major characteristic is a core part.

With Blocksurvey, you can conduct private, secure and anonymous survey. I can see your smile laden with many questions and I am here to answer them all in this article. Take a tour on the website and you will clear some of your doubts. There are templates on the website you can use for your surveys and polls, this means no more boring tools for this purpose. Blocksurvey use Blockchain Technology for a secured encryption which makes it hard for hackers to get your data. Even the company doesn’t have access to your data, isn’t that a good thing? You can choose to share the answers of your polls or surveys with your audience but not the details of the people that participated. Lastly, you can easily create your account and start using the website. Let us get started.

  • Go to the website: and click on “Get Started” to start. You need to create an account with Blockstack to Sign-up. Do not forget that Blocksurvey makes use of Blockstack Blockchain technology which comes with numerous benefits.
  • Select an ID on the Blockstack network. Remember, this will be required to login to your Blocksurvey account so don’t lose it. Include your e-mail address to get recovery details. Never lose this email or your account will be lost. They can’t help you with recovery. Remember, privacy and anonymity.
  • Go ahead to Blocksurvey and start your polls or surveys or forms.


You can create new survey or choose from existing Templates. Go through the awesomeness and beauty of the templates and be a part of Blocksurvey. Go through the features & pricing section on the website to check for whichever one that suits your purpose.

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