Golos Blockchain makes its bets on the activity of its community and “the gold stablecoin”

The community of Golos blockchain (golos.id) is stepping into the new year accompanied by major changes: on December 25 the majority of its witnesses adopted the long-awaited hardfork, which had previously been announced on Steemit here.

Upgrading the protocol to version 0.22.0 has introduced the following innovations to the blockchain:

  • workers system was deployed, which enables active developers and users from the community to take part in developing the blockchain and its applications, as well as receiving awards for it;
  • emission distribution parameters were passed to witnesses, which opens the possibility of a more flexible adjustment to the rapidly changing environment;
  • parameters of protecting the community from completely passive participants were enabled, which means the following: in case an account stays inactive for a long time, its Golos power starts to convert automatically in liquid Golos tokens;
  • stablecoin debt problem (with GBG token price tied to the price of 1mg of gold) was fixed by adopting the option that was previously considered for Steem: when the amount of debt exceeds 20%, it triggers the daily conversion of 1% GBG tokens in GOLOS tokens.

The change of the principle of voting for witnesses should also be noted: namely, the transition from DPOs-30 consensus model to Fair DPoS. Now the stake of a voting user is distributed evenly between all the witnesses he or she supports. This allows each member of the community to make an even more significant impact on choosing their representatives to manage the project and to make decisions on its further development.

The news about the hardfork has had a positive impact on Golos blockchain token: over the past month, its price on RuDEX (BitShares) and Kuna exchanges has more than doubled. GOLOS token is also listed on Steem Engine.

Golos Blockchain - https://golos.id

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