Say Hello to CC! [Our Art Loving Blockchain Robot]


Say Hi To CC! Our Blockchain Bot

CC is our very own blockchain robot. She loves discovering #cryptoart and amazing artists, designers, musicians, writers, photographers and cool DApps from all over the world. CC helps our Magazine track down under-rewarded creatives on the blockchain, and gives them crypto just for sharing their art and ideas!

Right now = CC's full upvote is worth $1.44 USD or 1.8 Steem.
So far, she has delivered 8,564 upvotes to artists! Source

Whoa, say what now?

The Creative Crypto Magazine is actually published on a blockchain. As a result, the blockchain bestows certain internet super powers upon us. We're not your typical publication or bloggy news source. Every day our team is seeking new stories to share, all the while building new tools to tap into blockchains and the communities surrounding them.

All of the articles featured on our website are published directly onto the Steem blockchain through a plugin called SteemPress that links to our Creative Crypto account. This allows our Magazine to earn and accrue Steem (a social media cryptocurrency) and reach a huge readership across Steem-powered applications (websites, games and mobile apps) including, and literally hundreds more. Through these DApps, we’re able to browse and discover amazing artists all over the world and reward our creative contributors with crypto-backed upvotes. The more Steem we accrue, the stronger CC's upvote becomes. Blockchains like Steem are radically changing the way we can support creativity and redefining the way a "Magazine" can nurture the community surrounding it.

What CC Does...

First, she browses the blockchain. Her pixelated eyeballs scan thousands of posts each week looking for dozens of artsy hashtags like #cryptoart, #photography, #creativity and more nuanced tags like #kr-art which are used by Korean artists. She also digs into the history of each artist to make sure they haven't been doing anything sneaky (like publishing work that doesn't belong to them.) Once CC finds an artist she likes, she upvotes them and then leaves a nice comment on their post. Here's an example from a photographer on Steem @fiftysixnorth-


She does this usually around 16 or so times each day / 24 hours a day / 7 days a week! CC is super passionate about discovering creatives so we let her do her thing. Over the last few months, CC has definitely begun to reveal her favorites. These cryptoart All Stars are on her whitelist - @dadanyc, @knownorigin, @steemmonsters, @decentraland and @creativechain.


Explore more of Creative Crypto favorites via our Resources Page

What's CC's Future Look Like?

We're constantly looking to build smarter and more creative tools to discover artists and empower creatives using blockchain technology. CC today will look and act very different as our Magazine grows. Behind the scenes - CC's super powers were designed by Emre, one of our amazing software developers. (Here's his Github page.) Looking ahead, our curation efforts will continue to get smarter and blend a balance of human + machine.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from our Magazine! Keep an eye out for CC and make sure to say hi if she swings by your post :)


cover image illustrated by @carrotcake

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