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Statement from the @blockbrothers #2.


Thank you for your trust in @blockbrothers.

We were against the Soft Fork because we don't believe in freezing anyone's assets and feared the precedent it would set. And we were right, while the Soft Fork turned out to be ineffective, the precedent will always be here and will loom over Steem forever.

What Justin did to take back his stake, by utilizing customers funds on exchanges, we also oppose. Using exchanges for this purpose is equally unacceptable.

With Justin now getting his stake back and the exchanges clearing most of their proxies we are seeing pure DPOS.

This is how it should have been from the start.

Having said that we do understand why both parties took both actions.

We, @blockbrothers, would have preferred more talks before action. We are happy to see these talks finally started.

The only outcome to the situation that makes sense for users, investors and witnesses is to make a deal that will suit both parties. Something we have said from the start.

We are just waiting for everyone to realize this.

Thanks again for your support.

End of statement.

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