"You don't know because you aint from here, but you come here..." PDX Man regarding Black Lives Matter (BLM) in Portland, Oregon. Dare me to make a video of anything and I might do it.

2020-09-21 - Monday - Weekly Photos - 135pics | Mirror

Cyber Pirates Versus Werewolf Ninjas

The Legend of the Secret Bananas

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2020-09-21 - Monday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-09-21 - Monday
Published in September of 2020

Screenshot at 2020-09-21 17:02:21 PDX Man.png
Black Guy Stands Up To BLM in PDX

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Big Tech Debate

04:57 PM - Telegram - Oatmeal High Council

Antitrust violations for big tech; tax-payer funded through governments, organizations, partly directly and indirectly; safe harbor violation to hide behind the liability protection of being a platform while acting like a publisher meaning a clear violation. It is not a question of are they violating laws but more a question of which laws they are not violating, how many laws are they violating, how deep and complex is it? That's the tip of the iceberg and it is valuable to publish and share their crimes with the world in order to give people additional choices as a leverage towards accountability, transparency,; plus, it accelerates ongoing change, as in reformation, and also contagious competition, alternatives, choices, etc. The origin of big tech is nested in governments, etc, meaning collusion, etc. That is a critical variable that is left out in most debates regarding big tech. Again, that is a very critical variable, big tech entities are corporations and not companies on top of that or because of that; and too many don't get the dangers of the distinction between a company and a corporation. On top of that, people should talk about the 4th amendment and how they violate that. Plus, the 5th and 6th amendments, which is another topic, another leg to the debate, another plate to spin. I don't really hate the utility argument but I don't really like the potential threat that a monopoly utility can have in being the only way for people to get water or power or telephone or Internet or whatever the case might be. But then again, if there is or was only one way to get water for example, through a utility, then of course we want that utility to be fair and equal with us peasants lol.

True as a platform, liability protection, immunity in other words, and they act as publishers at the same time, violating Safe Harbor, Antitrust, etc.

Big Tech Bridge Analogy

Imagine building a bridge but then imagine blowing up that bridge while thousands of people are driving across it; but with big tech, instead of thousands of people, it's actually millions to billions of people. You can argue, "BUT I MADE THAT BRIDGE. I CAN BLOW IT UP ANY TIME I WANT." That is a funny argument to the entire debate. This analogy doesn't address every variable, every inch of the situation, but it does paint a pretty god picture of how BUSINESSES are falling off the bridge, regardless of what the bridge may or may not be, no matter where a person stands in the debates regarding big tech, it doesn't matter what side you are on as you cannot deny that BUSINESS are CRASHING OFF THE BURNING BRIDGE. That has been happening especially in the 2010's, especially then, that last decade, these past ten years especially, London's Bridge is Falling Down, and too many people know that already which is good and bad.


Information You Can Gobble

Responsive Means

04:35 PM - Twitter

AOC said she wants you to be "Responsive" meaning triggered like a sleeper cell as seen in Dollhouse or as seen in MK-Ultra or other things as well. Be a leftist NPC pawn and do as you are told is what responsive means.


You Are What You Eat

NBTV Llama, Are you Pro-Rothschild?

Do you understand how money is made?

Covid Talk

Regarding Naomi and Covid, there is so much I want to say, so many questions I would ask her because I want to believe that she would understand the problem with power, centralization, control, from globalists, the control freaks, Rothschild, Soros. Naomi interviewed Snowden who talks about the threats in the world. It is true that Covid makes people sick. Covid can be a problem but Covid is more a symptom and more a distraction. Covid is a mutated variant of a common cold. You can die from the common cold if you aren't healthy enough. So, of course Covid is real to a degree, it was made a lab or in labs. It was in North Carolina until it was moved in 2015 to Wuhan, China. It might be that Naomi has not taken the time to go down the rabbit trail of understanding how complex all of this. It can be hard enough to explain the Federal Reserve to an average couch potato, let alone explain what globalists try to do as they take over the world or at least try to.


Learn English You Can Eat

Can you encourage people to leave Facebook?

12:55 AM - YouTube

@Wish I Had A Cool Name it is all about advertising and encouraging people to leave Facebook and most people are on these ghetto networks and it can be harder to reach out to them without going to where they are.


Is time slowing down or speeding up?

01:13 AM - Hive Blog

I've had time pass very slow and incredibly quickly at different times as a child and as an adult. Time is an incredibly crazy thing to study. Some people do say time begin to speed up as you get older and older. Well, I'm 35 years old and I've experienced time slowing down as I get older in some ways. But not always. So, in some way, like you said, it felt like the summer flew by at times when I was a young boy. It depends on a few things but there were those times and it might be a question of how often time was flying by for me as a kid versus how often it was standing still or incredibly slow. I can't totally say which as it was always speeding up and slowing down at different times and it still does all the time. Every day it happens, an hour can fly away and then the next hour can feel like an eternity. I'm full of curiosity still because I'm still a child at heart.

Can you upload videos to Roku?

01:54 AM - Hive

You can create channels on Roku? I didn't know you could. I thought it was like cable or TV and not like YouTube.


Truth Seeker 1776

12:51 AM - Alex Jones 9/20/20

Joe Biden said 200 million of 350+ M Americans died of Covid in 2020.

The 100

2020-09-21 - Monday - 02:00 AM - 02:44 AM - The 100 505

They march over to fight the frozen guys.

General Shepherd

04:32 PM - ALEX JONES (Full Show) Monday - 9/21/20 • (Second Hour Blocked By Youtube)

AOC wants you to be responsive like the brain-dead slave you are.

"You don't know because aint from here, but you come here..." PDX Man regarding Black Lives Matter (BLM) in Portland, Oregon.

The Legend of the Secret Bananas


Truth Seeker 1776

12:51 AM - Alex Jones 9/20/20

The 100

2020-09-21 - Monday - 02:00 AM - 02:44 AM - The 100 505

General Shepherd

04:32 PM - ALEX JONES (Full Show) Monday - 9/21/20 • (Second Hour Blocked By Youtube)


10:35 AM - I was mostly watching this like movie starring Bruce Willis. You see him the street with a protest. They were other criminals or inmates who served time at a prison. They took off their shirts and pants and were walking. They had tattoos all over, men and woman alike had these tattoos. Bruce Willis took off his clothes and had big muscles or it might have been special effects as seen with Will Ferrel in that Ben Stiller sequel. Burce had tattoos too. They were like a gang and they were walking and dancing. He was able to like walk or run faster and he started moving ahead and I don't know where they were going or what they were going to do. They were acting like the good guys but not sure if that was completely accurate but they believe they were.


10:40 AM - Coffee, oatmeal, brown sugar, 2 slices of pizza, cheese its, snacks. Did Princess Peach Toadstool of the Nintendo Super Mario Bros want King Bowser Koopa to capture her, was Mario abusing her, did she no longer want to live in her castle, is that why she kept on letting Bowser beat him? Does she have power and is she the same person as the previous version of her from games from the 1980's? Is Bowser good or bad or both was the question yesterday. This current debate came from a video game theory of Matt Mat Pat on YouTube. I may have saw it but forget the explanation given, the exact path of the theory concerning Peach. You can learn Algebra. 1+1=A. What is A? He said 2. But then he said he thought A was something else. I said it can be anything. 1+2=A. What is A? A is not 2 in this one. A is 3. With the theory placed in a Algebra math problem, Peach gets captured plus A equals Peach wants to get captured. What is A? That was the question. Singing is a new thing, mentioned yesterday. It continues today and can be good or bad. Think about who your real friends might be or not depending on who can come on a special day. So, there can be question of which church you want to call your home church where people build each other up and support and care for each other. You can try to be the church and you can try to find it. You can try one or the other or both. Ultimately, you can focus on being what you should be even if others don't. If you end up staying at one place for too long, it can be better to commit to that place as if it was family. But it is not binary and there are levels to how it is played out and priorities can be negotiated the same as with family in regards to tough love. Playing nerf guns today like yesterday. Bats. I was hit in the face, blood came out, around 1 PM or maybe after that. Glasses bent over. A small screw might have came out the bottom left side assuming it wasn't already off, the side, the ear piece, the brace connecting the arm or ear pierce to the front of the glasses, the part that bends, 2 screws, top and bottom, that one joint there on the left side of the glasses, left side from the perspective of the person wearing the glasses, his or her left side of the face, that left. Used a screw driver to tighten the remaining screws and bended the left arm a bit and it is ok but a little wobbly and loose. A bit of cake around 3 or 4 PM. Some more snacks. Algebra problem given out and solved, 1+1A, like I said earlier. 04:28 PM, still drinking coffee. Imagine no water, power off. Yeah, oh well haha. Perhaps it was tripped. Not enough money to replace a like $1.5K power box or however much it might be. Maybe more than that. Imagine it being taken out. It was put back and started working. Was that a miracle? Perhaps but ore a question of was it more supernatural or more natural of a miracle.

05:30 PM - Cars have maps. You can watch the GPS tell you where you are and how to get places. We see that one road is not as long as you would think. It looks like that one bridge overpass over the highway is for railroad, for trains. We can see where the lakes, bays, water, rivers, highways, roads, etc, are. Some things are not on the map. Does the map change at night? Probably not. Bread sticks. lasganwa. Respectful when people talk. The best and the worst. I don't like forest fire. I like the talk about rocks. Get on with it. The skit of the man and woman bearing their cross as a starting point, arms stretched out. Describe it if you can I suggested. Be real with Christ. If you're mad, sad, angry, confused, etc, ask him, tell him, whatever. They were not doing it. Run into the trash can and lose in a circle game. Circle ball toss and miss, go to the middle game. You miss the pass and go to the middle. It can be a tough question regarding where to be and friends. Oh, powerful message by the way. Hug. Pow pow. What, things should be free? No hi back. Pippi long stocking. Glasses still bothering me. Tea now at 08:19 PM. 7 or so minutes late and it felt like not too long and very long at the same time.

RIP Chromium or Chrome

Was uploading weekly screenshots and photos in general to a Facebook page and to a profile account via Chrome or actually Chromium but today it kept on failing as the new Facebook layout and/or Chromium may have changed as well. So, I am using Firefox now, back to Firefox for weekly photo albums.

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