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I'm blocked on their Facebook group. I'm an American English Teacher. Muslims are posting Islam even after their ban. Not fair. Was kicked out after talking about marriage. But didn't break rules.

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2017-09-08 FRIDAY 7 PM ICT OTC HCM: was looking at old photos and memories of people I knew long ago and was feeling sad. I was feeling like nobody knew me long ago or at times in my life as a kid.

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Was born 1985 in Oregon. My friend, Blake Webb, died 2010, May 2nd, Sunday morning at his house in PDX, in his room, & I was sleeping on the couch in that same house & felt responsible as I couldn't save him.

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But always felt people forgot about me as Blake died. My sister, Crystal, knew him for years. Met Blake at Camp Kuratli 2007 and then at Revolution Hawaii with Rob Noland and Jeff Walters and Irvine, etc.

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My other friend, Tiffany Rochell or Rochelle Cumbo died 2003, April 5th, Saturday, in Oregon, when she was 16 (me 18); my uncle, Jim Williams, and maternal grandpa, Dick Morehead, 2008, August & October.

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I feel I want to blame others too much for not having more friends or closer friends or better friends as they kind of come & go & it hurts to look back at the different contacts, the people I kind of meet at times.

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I'm 32 years old now as of 2017, this year, and I'm in Vietnam now, these past 5 years since 2012, and I feel trapped & happy & confused & very mixed about so many things but I love MAGA TRUMP & Jesus.

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To some extent, it seems that people did not really knew me enough or well enough & never got me enough & it was partly or maybe mostly my fault to some extent maybe but it is still heart breaking, deeply.

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In life, we can feel bitter & we may want to seek revenge on people if they didn't treat us well enough. But if we try to become too focus on compensation justice revenge, then we become Vader Hitler Soros forever.

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Screenshot at 2017-09-08 18-20-14.png2009-10-03 FRIDAY JSA to Moore Street Youth with Blake Webb or was invited at least and then went sunday with long beard.png2009-09-27 first.png2009-09-27 BLAKE FIRST SUNDAY AT MOORE STREET AND CONVERSATION WITH ME JA.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-08 18-13-18.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-08 18-11-52.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-08 18-11-11.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-08 18-09-26.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-08 18-09-26.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-08 18-09-15.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-08 18-08-53.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-08 18-08-37.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-08 18-07-48.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-08 18-06-53.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-08 18-05-46.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-08 18-05-10.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-08 18-05-06.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-08 18-04-43.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-08 18-04-43.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-08 18-03-36.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-08 18-02-47.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-08 18-02-26.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-08 18-01-51.pngblake webb and others.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-08 17-42-10.png2009-09-27 BLAKE FIRST SUNDAY AT MOORE STREET AND CONVERSATION WITH ME JA.pngDACA SPEECH from JILL MILL to JOE NOLAND 2017-09-08 FRIDAY 230 PM ICT MD.pnglincoln hawk.pngJanet.pngMejee.pngMom Kurtz.pngsec waste argument.pngJanet.pngScreenshot at 2017-09-08 13-24-05.png

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