Black Panther Spoiler Review

This film mentioned slavery, colonialism, isolationism, genocide, monopolism, technocracy, plutocracy, corporatism, socialism, barbarianism, Marxism, mostly, and maybe bits and pieces of capitalism, competition, free open markets, and some freedoms too, on the other hand, too. This movie rests in a paradox of milk chocolate.

In this post, I talk about what I liked and disliked about Pink Panther. Oh, I mean, Black Panther. I've included photos and video spoiler reviews for Pink Panther.... I mean, BLACK PANTHER.... I keep forgetting.... like Men in PINK.... I mean BLACK.... But real men do wear PINK... And I mention references it has on philosophy, politics, history, and everything. The movie can be very cool for a lot of reasons.

The Black Panther King said at the end, spoiler alert, "The wise build bridges. The foolish build barriers." That is a reference to Trump and the American Wall. Do you like this or not?

Both bridges and barriers are necessary in life and it all depends on a lot of things, on context, course, content, and cast. The details do matter. Terrible things are happening in Europe in 2018 as bridges allow refugees and terrorists to come into Europe to murder, rape, rob, etc. Historically, terrorism has happened before in Europe, for hundreds of years. Most people are not taught enough history to know this.

The Black Panther King was refusing refugees in this film to his country, Wakanda, just like Trump did. Most countries do this. Historically, nations do better as they control the borders to some extent. We want to let in LEGAL immigrants and not illegal aliens. And walls help with that. Mexico has a southern wall. Israel has a wall. The Pope has a wall. Rome had a wall. Houses have walls. These barriers help.

Long ago, Vibranium crashed into Wakanda and gave them so much power and technology and everything. Vibranium came from like aliens from space or something. This legend is similar to the theory that aliens helped Egyptians build pyramids thousands of years ago.

Wakanda is located north of South Africa and south of the equator, south of the Congo jungles where dinosaurs where spotted by some old people some decades ago or so they say. And Wakanda is located near Madagascar and what some claim to be the real location of the fountain of youth, AKA the Garden of Eden. And the cover of Wakanda has waterfalls like Hawaii, like Dalat City in Vietnam, and it reminded me of the Lion King.

In the film, you find out about the Black Panther King, T'Challa, first that his father (T'Chaka) died from maybe a bomb from maybe terrorists. King Challa went in like an alien-like UFO to the Wakanda country and found out that his younger sister was developing James Bond like weapons. And by the way, Wakanda was described as an isolated country. Well, is that a good or bad thing? Was that isolationism or nationalism? If it helped Wakandians, then why not call that patriotism, nationalism, as in the Donald Trump Make America Great Again (MAGA) progress, AKA your country first focus kind of thing?

Somehow, Wakanda thrived and improved for thousands of years. You can call that isolationism or nationalism or patriotism or a good thing or a bad thing or racist or sexist or bias or whatever you want to call it or not but you cannot deny that it worked and helped Wakanda for the most part, right?

Kill Monger, played by Michael B. Jordan, not to B (be) confused with basketball legend Michael Jordan, went to challenge the king, T'Challa, in a ritual fight match to the death, not to be continued with clay motion celebrity death matches. There was another guy that fought Challa earlier. Challa won. Challa had a Lion King moment as he recovered from wounds. He saw his dad. Later, Challa died or almost died by Kill Monger and Challa yelled and told his father and ancestors that they were wrong. In other words, that thousands of years of what worked didn't work or something, that it did not work o ht it sucked.

Challa, the new king, was telling the former kings, it seems, that history is a fantasy or something like that. It was like an opposition to traditional values, family values, Christian values, the golden rule, objectivity, philosophy, in order to embrace (INSTEAD) post-modernism or Marxism, Stalinism, Leninism, socialism, communism, leftism, progressive democratic liberalism, subjectivity, relativity, Luciferianism, Satanism, globalism, etc.

Kill Monger became the king, or thought he did, and went on to kill all the white people as if only white people were behind slavery, imperialism, colonialism, historically, globally, culturally, religiously, which is inaccurate as all races and religions and cultures have been connected to slavery. Blacks have had black slaves more than other races. White people even had white slaves. Yellow people had slaves. All around the world for thousands of years, people had slaves and all sorts of things. For the most part, it was Americans that were trying to end a lot of slavery in the 1800's, as in 200 years ago for the most part, and so much has happened in the past 200 years because of that. Only about 2% of white Americans had slaves in the 1800's.

But are employees and staff not slaves nowadays? Are we not slaves to employers, debt, gambling, drugs, alcohol, sex, addictions, sin, dependency, cancerous governments, corporatism, monopolism, technocracy, plutocracy, beer, wine, Facebook, smart phones, games, etc?

Kill Monger fought Challa again around these trains. Later, Kill Monger like killed himself while saying that death was better than oppression. But I disagree. I'd rather be a slave than be dead. Yeah, freedom is better than oppression. If you die as a martyr, then that might be a V for Vendetta thing, a This Is Sparta kind of thing. If you are raising awareness of social injustice or something, then that might be good. But that would mean Kill Monger was right about the need to kill all white people and all the people that oppressed the black people even as most blacks were oppressed by other blacks and also by Middle Easterners, historically, statistically speaking. Only 15% of the world population is that of white people. But you would not know that if you only watch CNN and main stream media.

At the end of the movie, Challa, the king, told the world council, or the United Nations (U.N.), about how the wise build bridges while the foolish build barriers, during times of crisis. A white guy asked what they would do then. And the black guys all smiled. Now that moment can either be a good thing or a bad thing or 50 shades of grey, gray. The thing about bridges and barriers is a can of worms and i is rather complex if you really wanted to talk about those things.

The white CIA James Blond Like man helped the good guys. He saved the girl's life and they brought him to Wakanda. He was probably the first white guy in Wakanda. And he drove around in a spaceship o help kill bad people. But at one moment, they are over at a neighbor tribe where they barked at that white guy like social justice warriors (SJWs) and told him he could not talk. The black people were very racist. In the past few years, progressives have been telling white males that they could not talk because of like racism or because they were white and maybe because of this thing or that thing or other reasons or excuses. Historically, white Christian males have contributed in the past thousand or more years, scientifically, technologically, philosophically, religiously, culturally, for society, civilizations, in so many ways. We should be taking about that.

Wakanda was Black America. Wakanda had 2 world trade centers (WTC) it seems, which reminded me of 9/11, as in 911, AKA the terrorist attack from the eleventh of September, 2001, in New York City (NYC).

Kill Monger wanted to seek revenge on colonialists, AKA the white people. And Stefan Molyneux said Kill Monger was hell bent on like a tempting, hypothetical, theoretical, imaginary, Marxism argument at least to some extent that the white people stole the wealth from Africans and that is why Africans are poor. The truth is that the white people were already wealthy and did not need to come to Africa. They chose maybe through love, Agape, altruism, the desire to share, explore, expand, to go to Africa, the Americas, and all around the world. Maybe it was Christianity that inspired Europeans to go to Africa. And Europeans did more good than harm to the world. Some white people bad. There are exceptions. But many good things come from Europeans at the same time. Exceptions don't really erase generalities, statistics, historical patterns, DNA patterns, and social patterns.

Africans have lots of natural resources, assets, which could have helped them do what Europeans did. In many cases, Africans had more opportunities to be wealthy or WEALTHIER than Europeans and Africans got caught up in so many civil wars for centuries or longer. You know Europeans had to survive in colder climates in Europe as Europe is colder as it is more north than Africa is and as Africa is hotter.

Black Panther was cool and I had cool fighting scenes. I love the Star Wars technology. The Black Panther is like a Power Ranger. The black women are so beautiful. I love how the women fight. I love so many people and so many things in the film. Wakanda is the Garden of Eden with a Star Trek city buried underneath. I'm all for barriers and bridges and NATIONALISM and CAPITALISM, etc. I'm all for smaller government. I love technology. What do you think about the movie? What did you like and not like about the movie?

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