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HIVE is LIVE NOW on DeFi! šŸš€

The most transparent way to put your HIVE and Bitcoin to work!
DeFi AMMob Liquidity Pool HIVE-BTC:

HIVE DeFi Pools on XBTS DeFi

XBTS DeFi AMMob Platform introduces a New Era of Decentralized Finance Based On DPoS Blockchain Technology.

XBTS DeFi AMMob - Universal DeFi platform on BitShares blockchain with Fair Distribution of Profit and Blockchain Protection of Liquidity Providers.

By utilizing the DeFi AMMob, HIVE Community will benefit from a stable and proven system that provides the highest levels of user security via blockchain technologies.

XBTS DeFi Wallet allows you to use the HIVE liquidity pools, review historical returns for liquidity providers, explore trading activity, stake to pools and earn rewards.


Just visit XBTS DeFi AMMob and start trading, investing into liquidity pools and staking assets in a few clicks. You can register a New account or import your BitShares account.

  • Liquidity protocols of XBTS DeFi AMMob`s platform allow anyone to become a Market Maker, Add their assets to several different liquidity pools and Earn fees on many different market pairs in real time.

  • Price quotes on an DeFi are created through complex and scalible pricing algorithm AMMob which does take into account any external information regarding of the world average price of asset and trading spread on the BitShares blockchain.

  • Liquidity providers that pool their capital in an XBTS Defi Platform make markets by always trading against the prices set by the AMMob's pricing algorithm, essentially acting as Informed Market Makers.

šŸ°Join fully transparent DeFi pools that generates constant cash flow for you in real-time!

FAQ: DeFi AMMOB Pools - Step by Step Guide:

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