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XBTS DEX BRIDGE to/from Binance BEP2.

Added Deposit/Withdrawal via BEP2 for $BTC Bitcoin, $EOS Eos, $LTC Litecoin, $TRX Tron, expanding the utility of the tokens to trade on multiple networks.

Zero Deposit fee/ Low Withdrawal fees from Binance to XBTS Dex & from XBTS Dex to Binance.

Coins supporting Instant Deposit/Withdraw via BEP2 on XBTS Dex:


Use this form for Deposit/Withdraw

Deposit - Zero Fee
Withdrawal Fee for BTC (BEP2) - 0.00001 BTC
Withdrawal Fee for EOS (BEP2) - 0.04 EOS
Withdrawal Fee for LTC (BEP2) - 0.0001 LTC
Withdrawal Fee for TRX (BEP2) - 5 TRX
Withdrawal Fee for BNB (BEP2) - 0.002 BNB
Withdrawal Fee for BCH (BEP2) - 0.0005 BCH
Withdrawal Fee for BUSD (BEP2) - 0.2 BUSD
Withdrawal Fee for ETH (BEP2) - 0.0002 ETH
Withdrawal Fee for USDT (BEP2) - 1 USDT

An easy way to Buy/Sell/Trade BTS BitShares cryptocurrency on XBTS Dex for any cryptocurrency.
Trade without limits.

Smarter Trading, Better Trading
XBTS Decentralized Exchange
Safely! Instantly! Simply!

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