BitShares Core "Splash" ♥ 5.2.1 ♥ Release

Release Notes

The BitShares Core software has been updated to the 5.2.1 Bugfix Release. The codename of the 5.x releases is "Splash". The BitShares Core software is used to build the validation nodes that perform consensus of all transactions on the BitShares blockchain. This release includes fixes about node stability and documentations but does not include any changes to the consensus protocol.

Documentation for users may be be found at How BitShares Works.

Documentation for BitShares developers may be found at the BitShares Developer Portal.

Who Should Upgrade

It is recommended that all nodes be upgraded to benefit from the stability improvements introduced in this release and the benefits introduced in the 5.2.0 Feature Release, although it is not required.

How To Upgrade


  • For nodes running versions earlier than 5.2.0, a blockchain replay will automatically be performed after the validation node software is restarted. This typically takes a few hours on a modern CPU.

How to Upgrade from Source Code


  • The code base requires a compiler that supports the C++ 14 standard
  • The minimum supported boost version is 1.58, the maximum is 1.74
  • The minimum supported CMake version is 3.2
  • For Ubuntu users, it is now supported and recommended to build in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Obtain the Source Code

The source code may be obtained by checking out the 5.2.1 tag. Download the source at:

Build the Binaries

The binaries may be built by using your pre-existing process, or by following the standard instructions that can be found in the wiki:

Deploy the Binaries

Your standard process for deploying the node software may be used. No additional requirements or precautions will be required to deploy the new release.

How to Upgrade with Docker

The latest Docker image may be found at BitShares Core Docker page and updated with

docker pull bitshares/bitshares-core:5.2.1

Binaries for download

Binaries of the command line interface (CLI) wallet and the node software are pre-built and available for download.

Note: These binary builds are reproducible and were signed using Gitian. Please check the README if you want to verify and/or contribute.

PlatformSHA256 Checksum
Microsoft Windows4e800939886adfad8b5404f6f754d1c90f777a7135f0d7aac0ce43c5d5d9c7a6


The changes for 5.2.1 Bugfix Release are summarized below.

Node Performance and Stability

DescriptionIssuePull Request
Fix a node synchronization issue2428, 2434, 24382445
Fix P2P log messages appear in console and default.log24352436
Add seed nodes-2444, 2450


DescriptionIssuePull Request
Fix Doxygen warnings24332443
Update links and wording in README-2439, 2441
Update version-2446
Update contributors-2452

Release Contributors

@abitmore (
@technologiespro (
@xiao93 (

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