You're not too late for Bitcoin

I'm getting the impression that many people invest in DOGE, SafeMoon, etc. because:

1.) they don't know any better
2.) they think crypto is only about speculations and
3.) they feel like they've missed the boat with Bitcoin.

Newbies in Crypto/Web3

Now, I guess this is what happens when Crypto goes mainstream with NFTs & Doge and people are overwhelmed with things to learn about. Crypto isn't easy and when looking at it from a "newbie" perspective, everything seems to be about money.

After all, Bitcoin doesn't have any real use-case besides being a store of value. So if Bitcoin can be successful, then why not [ENTER_ COIN_NAME_HERE]?

Bitcoin can't be replicated

The problem with this view is that Bitcoin was the first successful cryptocurrency, which makes it unique. Especially considering that it took years until people understood the concept.

So when people try to argue with "Oh you Bitcoiners got rich with your coin and now you don't want us to get rich with [ENTER_COIN_NAME_HERE]?" then that argument is flawed (I've seen this argument more than enough on Twitter), because buying Bitcoin in 2011,2012, 2013 or even 2016 was a moonshot. (Even I only got into the game only in the summer of 2017)

It got "easier" every year, but in 2021, it's known that cryptocurrency work. So every coin that tries to get into the game without bringing REAL value might work in the short-term, but sooner or later, it will die out.

Now, DOGE is an anomaly in the sense that it was the first coin (afaik) that was created as a satirical joke. It was never meant to be of value. One could even say it was crypto's first artwork. I can imagine a future where it has some value, but it could be just as likely that it will just fade out.

Value matters

Every coin that is being created from this time on has to provide some kind of value or use-case or it's just a Ponzi that will ultimately die out.

And I think that's what "newbies" don't realize because they're not long enough in the ecosystem. Ethereum has value because it's programmable money. It's layer 1 (or 0) for a whole ecosystem of decentralized applications and other layers building on top of it.

Uniswap (UNI) has value because it was the first successful Swap protocol on Ethereum. It has a real use case and most importantly it innovated, so there will be copy-cats, but as long as Uniswap keeps innovating and updating, they will be #1. Others can only outperform if they provide something unique, i.e. what THORChain is doing with "native swaps".

The list goes on, but below is a great diagram by Adam Cochran:


You're not too late

If there's one thing I'd like for people coming into this space to know, is that they're not too late for Bitcoin (or even Ethereum) and other coins with real unique value.

While one can for sure make a lot of money trading "shitcoins which are either copy-cats or have no purpose in the short term (includes questionable morality), ultimately smart money will flow back into the value projects.

The amount of BTC is finite and even though it's hard to imagine, there isn't even nearly enough BTC available for every of the ~50 Millionaires (probably much more) in the world to own at least 1 BTC. Again, if every millionaire in the world wanted to have at least 1 BTC, they couldn't.

So, for the next few years, every single day you will be early enough. It might not result in 2x, 10x or even 100x overnight, but if Crypto is here to stay (which I think it will), then STACK SATS.

PS: Not financial advice

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