How to Live ENTIRELY on Crypto

Now that you’ve gotten into crypto, what do you DO with your crypto?

Many people are building their savings in cryptocurrencies that can’t be debased, in preparation for potential future economic upheaval.

But there are some who argue that this day of upheaval is already here:

  • We have a financial system where you have to ask permission to use your own money, and payments can be blocked
  • Where every time you swipe your card your purchases are tracked & monitored.
  • Where any savings that you do leave in fiat in your bank account are losing value fast.
    So for this reason, more and more people are choosing not to have any money in fiat at all. They convert all their savings to crypto, and then live entirely off that crypto.

As part of my beginner’s guide to using crypto everyday, I spent a day with Joël Valenzuela to find out how he lives 100% on crypto:
How does he buy groceries? Pay rent? Buy from major chains that don’t accept crypto? Manage volatility?

His answers are really helpful for anyone ready to take the plunge!
03:45 - Local businesses
04:31 - BitRefill
05:02 -
06:03 - DashDirect
07:02 - Flexa
08:14 - Paying Bills with Crypto
09:08 - Paying Rent with Crypto
09:44 - How to Handle Volatility

Special THANK YOU to Joël Valenzuela and ALL of the wonderful Crypto friendly businesses of New Hampshire that welcomed me!

Joël Valenzuela:

Fresh House:

Maison Navarre:

Fresh Press:

Granite State Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser! Think of me instead as an advisor on how to live your most sovereign life :)

Edited by Lee Rennie

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