Mark Dice Calls Out Chris Greene Of AMTV, The Self Hyped Bitcoin Millionaire Extraordinaire


Christopher Greene was finally called out by a channel big enough to make a difference, Mark Dice. I've followed AMTV for several years and watched his transformation over time. Every once in awhile I venture over and click on his videos to see what he has to say. It wasn't until the last few months though that Chris turned his channel into the most cliched and shilly Bitcoin channel to rival even that of the likes of Bitconnect. It has gotten so bad he is telling people to stop going to college and instead invest in his course and in cryptocurrency. Think what you will about the usefulness of a college degree or the cost of it, but trying to get the tuition money from people just starting out in life, and convincing them to gamble on crypto is just, well, it is crappy.

It is so bad that he usually turns off all comments on his Bitcoin videos. If it was just the ridiculous see through vain attempts to make people see him as someone important, filming himself next to a helicopter (never actually film himself flying in one, or taking pictures from a helicopter), or saying repeatedly how he has an important meeting to go to (because he is important, you see), then people might just roll their eyes and move on. Not with Chris though. People want to tell him off in the comments. If not to tell him off, but also to warn the new subscribers that the video, and more importantly the persona, is a scam.

When we watch commercials on TV, we know that the burger isn't really that big or that fresh looking, and the woman holding that laundry detergent most likely isn't really buying that soap brand at all, but with Chris Greene it is different. Why? Why is Chris held to a different standard? Like Mark Dice, Chris Greene has built up his audience over time, mostly through the alternative news and conspiracy genre, which prides itself in at the very least telling its own truth, regardless of what the mainstream media or the establishment claims as the truth.

Bad news for Chris. The internet has a memory. Chris claims to be an early adopter of Bitcoin, and now he says he is a Bitcoin millionaire! The rest of the community isn't falling for it. There are several missing videos that Chris has taken down from last winter where he was claiming to be dirt poor, and begging for money to do his documentaries or his shows, and promising to hire more people to report the news.

Even further back missing are the videos where Chris proclaimed that cryptocurrency is the work of the New World Order One World Government agenda completing the plan for a one world currency, later to be used in RFID chips inserted into humans. While it is true that the bankers have been planning for a cashless society, and a one world currency- what does not hold true is that Chris now claims he was a Bitcoin millionaire all along, and last year when it went to the 20,000 dollar highs, he was already super filthy rich, according to his shilly shill videos.

So which is it Chris? Were you lying then, or are you lying now?

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