Bitcoin thermometer

No, this is not about the global warming of a planet. It's about warming of global economy. In the last three days Bitcoin has risen for more than a $100, or 14%. Stephen Kendal is tracking the rate with great dedication. He just wrote here:

BITCOIN is $900 not because it is worth $900, it is $900 because the Global Financial System is actually a NEGATIVE BURDEN that is LOOSING VALUE..!!

Very true. I would like to bring a point to those who are not yet sure if they wish to jump into decentralized cryptocurrencies. We can safely say they are functioning as a thermometer for the global economy sickness. Official data over the corporate media paint a picture of growth: FED just raised interest rates, Dow is rising, transportation index is rising, it looks like recovery is imminent. But that is how it looked like back in 1928, after Hoover came to power.

Bitcoin thermometer, on the other hand, says paper currencies just lost 14% of its value in just three days. That’s the value that banksters have skinned off of our backs, of all the people with paper currencies in their pockets and in their accounts. That’s the measure of blind robbery that is happening while we type and read this. Bitcoin thermometer is telling us that global economy and financial system are balancing on a thread…

So, whom you’re gonna believe? Corporate media or Bitcoin?

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