The Game of Thrones and Crypto Currency Bloodshed on the Streets of Westeros.


The Streets of Westeros Run Red with Newbie Folk Blood.

Each and Every Crypto Currency has been bloodied in USD valuation. Bitcoin is close to taking 50% of the market share once again even though it has lost about 25% of its USD value in the last month. Which Crypto Currency will rise once the battle ends?

Winter is No Longer Coming it has Arrived.

The time to capitalize on the mistakes of others is here. Greed has weakened the empire and the people of Westeros have failed to protect their assets from the White Walkers and Daenerys Targaryen the Mother of Dragons.

What Side Do You Think will Prevail in This Epic Battle?

What Will be the Top Crypto Currencies in 3 Months? Here are My Guesses.

A. Bitcoin Same
B. Ethereum Same
C. Ethereum Classic Up 2
D. Dash Up 2
E. EOS Up 7
F. Ripple Down 3
G. Stratis Up 6
H. NEO (Antshares) Up 8
I. Steem Up 9
J. Monero Down 1

The one big "if" is the possibility of a Bitcoin split. If that happens we will continue to have turmoil as the bloodshed will continue. This will give Crypto Currencies like Ethereum, Dash, Lietcoin, EOS and Stratis an opening to gain more market share.

Enjoy Game of Thrones Tonight!

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