08-07-2019 Bitcoin: an alternative to the current financial system

Hello to all friends, we are in the middle of the week and today there have been in most of the low and most fallen currencies, except the bitcoin that as we can see continues to appreciate... With bitcoin the volatility is enormous so it can go up or down to historic highs or lows if there are no errors or failures in this new technology that not everyone knows. It is still time to accumulate satoshis since for my discretion we are in a period and accumulation.
As of today the price and total volume in the exchange houses of what the bitcoin is moving in the last 24 hours is:
The active addresses or wallets in which bitcoin is moving are:

The entry of new users and new buyers, the organic increase allows the price to rise of this main cryptocurrency. The number of bitcoin transactions moving on the blockchain to yesterday was:

Bitcoin is the best decentralized digital money system, its best feature is that it does not depend on political whims, governments, monopolies, institutions or individual individuals... You get your value and investment store and study the subject as much as you can as it is a speculation market that can go up or down like every cycle, do your own research and analysis by introducing you to this risky world of cryptocurrencies... don't worry and get rid of the rate of inflation or lose the purchasing power of your respective country and move towards the era of bitcoin… identifies and enters into that good cryptoactive projects that are in excellent and low purchase area…

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