Some thoughts about Bitclout NFT

What am I up to lately?

There are a few things that I've been busy with these past few days.

Firstly, I was a bit occupied by Twitter and Bitclout in the past few days that I wasn't around too much on this platform lately. I'm closely following some of the recent updates in Bitclout that I think are interesting in the world of crypto and social media. If you're not aware, BitClout is a blockchain-based social media platform that is Twitter-like in terms of functionality and user experience.


But with the recent addition of NFT feature, every user may simply mint their posts as NFT and sell them.

The NFT in Bitclout has broadened the content monetization and the potential of every user to be successful. It appeals to every content creator because of the inclusivity of the NFT feature. The potential use cases are endless which makes it really interesting. Some have used it to sell tickets for an event. A dinner ticket with someone very important to the platform.


To be a special guest for an exclusive dinner was sold for $8,755.00 worth of CLOUT tokens.

It's shockingly amazing to learn that the amount of money spent on this NFT
can literally be spent on things that could have a greater impact on the platform like marketing or onboarding.

Looking from a different perspective, I guess this event is not just a simple dinner. I think that this event will allow the attendees to gather for a discussion that will motivate the next development for the Bitclout platform.

My journey to the world of crypto.

NFA: Not Financial Advice!


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