Happy 33rd Birthday

Today is my thirty third birthday. Here are some videos I made. What kind of things do you like doing for your birthday? Isn't it crazy that I'm as old as Jesus when he died, give or take a few years? OMG. LOL. Looking back on my life, I've been through storms, but there are rainbows and oatmeal as you cross roads with chickens regardless of what comes or came first, chickens, eggs, or scrambled eggs. Put the chickens and eggs together, to get past the "What came first, the chicken or the egg?" question, and you get scrambled eggs. And why did the chicken cross the road? To get some oatmeal.

Hey, grass is greener on the other side, but you gotta get there. Michael Jackson, Man In The Mirror, revolution begins with yourself and a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step and people call me Oatmeal Joey because you are what you eat and I was Rice Joey for 5 years as I taught as a freelance American English Teacher for 5 years in Vietnam. I was a wilderness everything or nothing monster Ice Breaker as a camp counselor teacher guide for 5 years, too, before I was in Vietnam. Grew up in Oregon and went to a school in Hawaii. I've been a couch potato but I'm now a oatmeal potato or couch oatmeal ball thing. That reminds me of Lucy O-Balls. You know that black and white show I Love Lucy from the USA from the 1950's.

Party Time

2018-02-11 Sunday 12:22 AM LMS: Happy 33rd Birthday
Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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My name is Joey Arnold, the original oatmeal, from Oregon. I'm for smaller government, less taxes/ regulations/ bad laws, more freedoms. I'm all for family values, community, nationalism, patriotism, freedoms of speech religion, arms, property, press, privacy, sovereignty, borders, decentralized free markets, cryptocurrencies, blockchain networks, Bitcoin, Steem, Gab, Minds, and capitalism over crony capitalism, technocracy, tyranny, corporatism, monopolism, plutocracy, oligarchy, progressive liberalism, socialism, communism, democrats, and I do hate Soros, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Oprah of depopulation Agenda 21 programs, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, Walmart, Clinton, Obama, Bush, Bilderberg, NWO, EU, UN, NAU, CFR, and more. I'm big fans of the following:

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If you are reading this, you can wish me a happy birthday, or not, and follow me, like me, upvote me, share me, resteem me, spit on me, and you can eat some of my oatmeal heart or not, haha, and have a great day regardless of what you may or may not do in life. Take care.

If you are still not sure who I am, I can say that I am just some dude, a white man, part Dutch, part Irish, part German, part English, I'm from a ghetto trailer park in a small 20,000 people or less of a city in Oregon, and I like to write, sing, draw, film, act, web design, play piano, guitar, basketball, video games, sports, board games, and I love writing Encouragement Articles (EAs) where I draw funny cartoon pictures of people with stats and stories about them and I made hundreds of them since I was maybe 15. I have been making videos since I was 10. And I have been drawing and singing and and dancing since I was like 5 and I love to meet new people. I love to do oatmeal things. I love gardens, farms, solar power, natural remedies, cryptocurrencies, and more. I love freedoms. I love hope over dope and joy over circumstances and education and real news and more. Thanks for reading.

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