Busted Again! The Media Caught Editing Images To Push Agenda

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Blatantly lying and fabricating evidence to push a political, and financial agenda. Yet not one of the politicians on Capitol Hill that spent years with investigations, hearings, and convincing the public that adversarial actors have infiltrated the political process, will speak a word against it. None will ever acknowledge the blatant propaganda like this, that is easily debunkable, that is influencing the world view of the majority of the population.

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If lockdowns did help the environment, why would they have to lie, and fake an image? If staying home from work could truly save the planet, why don't we just permanently send home the employees of the largest employer in the history of the world? That would be the US Federal Government. Something tells me that even if the the Atlantic was swallowing Washington DC due to melting ice caps, the politicians there still wouldn't consider reducing the size, and pollution of government even slightly.

These people can pretend to care about the environment, and the gullible masses will probably believe them. But even a cursory look at their actions proves otherwise. Billions of synthetic masks are clogging our oceans as we speak. Our most essential ecosystems will take billions of years to recover from the damage done by their lies(that masks prevent the spread of viruses, and that covid germs live on surfaces for weeks) that made everyone alive go through disposable, single-use items like condemns at a clinic. But that environmental damage, caused by the panic they induced isn't worth their time.


The environmental propaganda is only beginning. The director of CNN himself said that they will be using the same techniques they used to get Trump out of office, to push a climate change agenda.

"Our focus was to get Trump out of office," he said. "Without saying it, that's what it was, right? So our next thing is going to be for climate change awareness."

So ask yourself, why is the same cooperate media platforms that pushed lies to start wars that have killed millions, now using their position to save the planet from climate change? The same talking heads that admittedly buried the Epstein story, allowing at least a few dozen more innocent children being victimized by a pedophile ring? Evidence show they have never been driven by truth, or compassion in their reporting, and have even buried stories that could have made them billions to protect certain interests. I find that the majority of the people making up the rank-and-file of the climate change movement would also consider themselves anti-war, and generally compassionate people. I have many friends that would probably fall into this category. I genuinely want them to consider why the people killing millions in horrific wars, are so concerned about this threat to mother nature? Why are the largest corporations, most influential cooperate media outlets, and most powerful politicians so invested both financially(to the tune of trillions), and socially in the climate change movement? Why are they so concerned about c02, while they ignore, and contribute more than anyone to every other environmental catastrophe cause by humans?

Don't be surprised to see a food crisis that they will use to justify further extreme measures. The coming food crisis has not got the attention it needs from the alt media. I've seen @samstonehill and a few others allude to it here on the Hive blockchain, but the information gets buried in the bombardment of information that is thrown at us daily.

I don't know if we're facing a world ending climate crisis. I don't know if a lot of the proposed measures coming from world leaders would help advert a crisis. I don know that they are not motivated by love of nature, or compassion for the people, and creatures of our world.

But I do know they are using the threat of climate change to consolidate power/money, and create the world in their ideal image. Or at least of the people writing their checks. They are quite open with their plans of "The Great Reset". James Corbett does a great job breaking down exactly what it is, and isn't. I do know that know they aren't doing this altruistically, and I definitely know that these are not good people.

To those of you who truly care about the planet, don't be fooled by this agenda. This is not about the climate, it is about consolidation of power. We will be pounded with this propaganda now more than ever. There will be legislation, and many private/government programs that will do permanent, devastating damage to our ecosystem. Like spraying tons of chemicals and heavy metals into they air to deflect our life-giving sun.


We must be aware of this going into the future. They have made it clear what the excuses will be to limit freedom, and regulate prosperity in the future. I oppose the climate agenda of the the media, and largest corporations in the world because I care about the environment.

Thanks for reading

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